Post also responded to social media debate about his new haircut: "I’d say my hair is perfect right now."

Post Malone is very into beer bongs. You'd know that from watching him hit the funnel in his new video for "Congratulations." You'd also know it from the title of his upcoming project Beer Bongs ‘N Bentleys.

In a new interview with Hunger TV, Post Malone has credited "vodka, beer bongs, camel crush," and his "very good relationship" with his fans as the recipe for his "hype" live shows. He also reveals that Beer Bongs 'N Bentleys could be out as early as this Spring. "I’m aiming to have [the project] out by this June," he said. However, he did not clarify whether BBNB would be an album or a mixtape.

Later on, Posty was asked about his new haircut; a strange fusion of braids and straight-cut bangs that's been memed and discussed on social media all week. "One day I decided to get braids done and since then it’s been my thing," he said. "I’d find hairstylist from Twitter or my friends would make recommendations. Recently though, my boy Ugis in Los Angeles got my fringes going and I’d say my hair is perfect right now."

Read the full interview here. Watch Post's video for "Congratulations," a song that recently went platinum, below.



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lathropnick's picture

ayy man keep doing what your doing. your an inspiration an your music gets me through my hard times. i wish i could have gotten to see you perform at soundset in mn last year but your stage was packed. it would be legit to come see you perform in las vegas ! yours truly, nick lathrop.